Tis the Season for Thanksgiving

What better time to start blogging then around the holidays! As a college senior home for the week for Thanksgiving (1 thing I’m sure thankful for off the bat), I finally have some “down time” to sit back & reflect on the incredible semester I have had. Although it feels like time has been in fast forward since August, I would not trade a second of these past few months. From competing in my last Fall tennis season to meeting incredible new people (who have bonfire pits in their backyards), I am loving the last  year of my college career. Nonetheless, I recognize how fortunate I am to even have the opportunity to not only be a college student, but to have some of the amazing opportunities that I do. Below, you can find a list of a few things I’m thankful for this season, even though just about everything in my life at the moment is most definitely a blessing and/or a lesson. Enjoy!

1. Cities Without Seasons

This may seem odd, but I’m such a warm-weather chick. I love, love, LOVE all things beach, water, ocean, sand, warm, oh.. did I say beach? This holiday season, I will travel to Arizona for Thanksgiving, basically the desert of all deserts. Even though it may be the furthest things from a beach, AZ is known for their insanely hot weather, so you will surely find me tanning at my Grandfather’s pool on the days surrounding Thanksgiving. So, I am thankful for a family who travels to those cities without seasons.

2. Friends in Low (High, Near, Far) Places

Yes, I have been in Georgia my entire life (except that one time Freshman year I decided to venture to Kentucky for a year of college…). But that’s a story for another day (or blog post). I am thankful that I have those people I can call the best of friends in places from South Africa and Las Vegas to Chicago and the Carolinas, and even some places in between. Somehow, friends of mine seem to have the travel bug, and they decide to up and leave after we’ve finally bonded over our love for hummus, tennis, coffee, or any other random item you can imagine. Although it makes keeping in touch/ seeing each other much more difficult, I am forever thankful for those friendships that have endured the test of time and distance. Plus, it makes my life much more exciting when I can finally travel to their side of the world to visit them and live like them!

3. Health and Health Food

Ever since my father’s incredibly serious heart surgery (just about a year ago in January), I have never been more thankful for the one thing most people take for granted the most: health. From rushing home from Statesboro, GA to visit my father in intensive care in ATL, it finally dawned on me that health is something than can change in a split second. I am forever grateful for the doctors and nurses who treated my father back to health, and now we can spend this holiday season free of worry, pain and stress. In fact, with all the crazy events occurring throughout the country, and even internationally, I am thankful for my health along with the rest of my family and friends. I am fortunate that I can enjoy the holidays with those I love, but I know some are not as blessed at the moment. Prayers and Thoughts are with those who may be suffering through these holidays.

4. Opportunities

This may be a no-brainer, but, within the next year, my life is about to change quite drastically. I will (hopefully, fingers, toes, arms crossed) have a place of employment and potentially even my own apartment in a brand new city! I cannot be more thankful for those who have helped me to this point in my life (coaches, parents, friends, family, and even opponents or those who did not think I could succeed). I am thankful for each and every experience I have had these past 22 years, as they have led me to this point of my life where I am truly happy and blessed. I am involved in writing and sports opportunities that I never could have dreamed of having. I know that my experiences and current opportunities will pay off in the future. Who would have thought I could be thankful for things that haven’t even happened yet? But I actually am, this season especially, because I know that even greater opportunities lie ahead.

Happy Holidays & Happy Reading.

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