No Phone Storage Means Finding Old, Stored “Notes,” Like This!

I have been attempting to clean out my phone to create more space for those holiday pictures (in my case for pictures from my upcoming cruise in about 26 days but who’s counting…). But anyways, nonetheless, I stumbled across this note I wrote one night when I couldn’t sleep, and it couldn’t be any more true today. Especially with the Ferguson drama happening and all the tens of thousands of lawyers on my TL and Facebook homepage.. this post (along with a few additional sentences I added today) seems to hold true today and will for years to come..

I believe we are all so attached to our phones nowadays because those times spent using this 4×6 device are sometimes the closest we’ve ever felt to someone before. A heartfelt text, a spur of the moment FaceTime, even a lengthy voicemail describing how much you love or miss someone can make or break one’s day, let alone one’s week. Behind this glass screen, opportunities are endless. An Instagram like or Facebook comment have so much more meaning than a silly tap on a screen. Girls read into guy’s favorites as meaning they’re suddenly going to get married in the next month and a half and guys decide that any sort of social media interaction means she’s “dtf.” Society revolves around about 5-6 social media apps and probably won’t stop there. Behind closed doors used to be the phrase, but now we’re evolving into a society where the phrase will shortly be behind your glass screen. Once in person, even with phone in hand, relationships friendships even marriages change. People no longer feel comfortable communicating one on one or even in a big group. The influence of texting and social media not only affects teens but even politicians and businessmen day in and day out. Effort to type a text is more strenuous than the words that come out of one’s mouth on a daily basis. It’s becoming harder and harder to trust anyone because texts can have so many different meanings and no one feels comfortable explaining their feelings or thoughts after pressing the send button. Life before smart phones seems like centuries ago, when really it was only about a decade. Now, more than ever, people cannot even travel to the bathroom without their cell phone in hand. Even though I LOVE social media and my phone (guilty as charged), I recognize the importance of a good catch-up over coffee or family meal without my fancy gadget in hand. I have been making the effort to leave my phone in the car more often than not when headed to a meal or social event.. just some food for thought! 

Anyways, rant over.. even though it started almost a year ago (this note in my phone dates back to 1/15/14). Crazy how time flies. But I’m thrilled I now have a place to post this paragraph since it was taking up some extra space in my phone. Happy reading & Happy in-person socializing (hopefully)!

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