The Phenom We Know as Selfie Nation

I know you would rather read my political and ethical opinions about the Ferguson situation since there’s not really any coverage on that topic at the moment……

But I’d rather write about a different topic… something like : SELFIES.

Because we all know it didn’t just take one second to snap that perfectly-angled, sun lit, overly- edited picture of yourself….. Come on now.

We have Instagram selfies, selfie Sundays, selfie Wednesdays, selfies with pets, profile pic worthy selfies, “no makeup” selfies (the worst of the worst), and snapchat selfies (guilty as charged but at least they’re gone “forever”).

So selfies that end up all over social media aren’t there just to gather up all those confidence boosters and awkward comments like “kik?” or “follow for follow?” Sure…. There’s no chance anyone would be posting these up close portraits if they weren’t simply to gather up likes and cutesy comments.

As the song goes… Let me take another selfie. If those likes per minute aren’t accumulating at a rapid pace, you probably chose the wrong filter on insta (just being honest though). So maybe next time it wouldn’t hurt to put a baby or puppy in the background because everyone loves babies and puppies right?

Oh and can’t forget the 10 people behind you who wanted to make an appearance on your social media so they can benefit from those likes too. Even though you can’t make out your face, a tag is a tag right? #popular

So even though this rant isn’t exactly going anywhere, and one blog won’t change the phenom of selfie nation, maybe reading the reactions that could go through someone else’s head while scrolling through your perfectly cropped, edited, and rotated selfies can make you think twice next time you consider snapping that quick “no makeup all natural look selfie with absolutely no effort.”

Except of course if you’re snapping a triple chin selfie or a pre- Thanksgiving, then you can go on with your day. Happy reading & happy snapping pics (any kind besides selfies…)

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