TIME: As Told by Your Phone, Computer, Tablet…..

As I sat in bed trying to figure out a way to fast-forward through finals week or even move back the time so I could have an extra day to study, I also had an ephiphany-like moment when I noticed that there was no form of clock or time-counting device anywhere in my room. Except for my Iphone and laptop, which was about an arms-length too far for me to reach unless I wanted to exert any amount of energy.

That’s when I finally realized I haven’t had a clock to look at since I was probably in middle school. I used to have the i-Home, but that’s been long gone ever since I outgrew my Ipod mini.. Thus, I came to the conclusion that I’m probably not alone in the fact that most people nowadays use their phones as a clock. I’ve even read that people use their phone to tell the time more than they use it to call, text, time-travel…..etc. Anyways, it just blew my mind that some minuscule device was my form of time; basically my life-line to the outside world.

What if Apple suddenly malfunctioned and wasn’t able to connect our phones to the sattelite (or however the time is able to appear on all cell phones). What if all technology stopped working for a day? Would I have to find an old-fashioned classroom with a wall clock? Or would we have to resort back to olden times of figuring out the hour based on the sun?

I can say for a fact that none of my college classrooms offer a wall-clock option (even thought some of them have a no cell phone policy..imagine that.) So, what are we supposed to do? Sit there until the lecture is actually over and wait patiently for the professor to tell us to pack up our things and leave? Nahhhh

It’s almost mind-blowing that our dependence on technology has resorted to also allowing our hand-held devices to dictate how we figure out the time of day. For those candy-crush’ers out there, I’m sure we’ve all changed the auto-time option in our phones to gain “full” lives again.. so what if that button froze up for a certain period of time? Would I be forced to live a day ahead because I blatantly changed the time for the purpose of trying to bring all the ingredients to the bottom? Craziness….

I’m as guilty as anyone that I use my phone for just about everything these days, including writing this blog post. But, this being said, I just can’t seem to fathom a world where we would be running around not knowing the time of day if our technology simply decided to stop functioning because of a defect or other incident.

But, for now, I’ll go back to manually changing the time when I play candy crush on long drives or airplane trips and just hope that Apple and all the other companies and products have their clock-systems figured out to a T. Happy reading & happy wall- clock searching.

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