The Power of Some Z’s

Z. For zebra. The letter you’d prefer not to grab in scrabble. The final stumping point of any car game you’ve ever played on road trips.

But what about when you put three Z’s together? ZZZ. Sleep. Naps. Rest. Happiness.

I’d like to think that if the entire world took a 30 minute nap right around lunchtime everyday that we would all be much happier. The power of a nap, or some Z’s is brilliant.

It can rejuvenate you after a horrible night’s sleep. It can calm you during a stressful day. It can cure any remnants from that last drink before leaving the bar that probably would have been better left un-purchased.

Nonetheless, Z’s are powerful. And who knew you actually burned calories while catching some Z’s? I didn’t, but thanks to Nike and friends with a fit band, now I do.

For all those times I whined about nap time in elementary school because I wanted 15 minutes of extra recess, I now retreat them all. Maybe I wouldn’t need as much sleep now if I had taken advantage of those naps over a decade ago.

So, for any three year old reading this, take your naps. And if for some reason my audience isn’t a crowd of toddlers, tell your toddler friends about the wonder of naps.

And on that note, I will now intend to be productive because I, too, just woke from a quality hour-long nap.

Happy reading & happy snoozing.

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