Ports of Air

A familiar face. Or a complete stranger. A warm embrace. And, sometimes, the toughest goodbye.

Ports of Air. Or, airports.

Delays can be the biggest blessings, or the largest nuisance. An extra 20 minutes together or twiddling thumbs until takeoff.

Airports can represent happiness and rekindling or separation and sorrow.

How can the same location, same meeting area have so many mixed emotions, all at once?

Soldiers, families, first encounters, weddings, funerals, vacations. This one building is the centerpiece of millions of individuals, going about their daily lives, feeling any and all emotions, in one, common location.


The excitement of a toddler taking his first flight, or a couple, sharing their last embrace before parting to their separate ends of the country. Until they meet again.

How sweet and somber, at the same time. But, who would think about anyone else’s feelings when all you can visualize are your own adventures, or your own sorrows?

Of all the modes of transportation, the ability to fly can be the biggest blessing, or the bane of inventions. Money wasted or money saved. A world adventure or a 45-minute business endeavor.

The possibilities repeat themselves in cycles every single day, but never in the same order. Where else can all these emotions pile up into one area and somehow, day after day, repeat itself?

Ports of air. Or airports. Happy travels & happy reunions.

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